All the HR documents and forms you need


We offer all the most frequently used documents a company needs for its HR department as well as those less known. All documents are in simple clear language, which makes it easier for both the employer and employee to understand. We have language experts that work on ensuring our documents are properly formed, and our clients have time and again confirmed this. Many companies use documents that offer no legal protection at all, we work to minimize this risk and all our documents have been reviewed by top legal firms.

Here is a partial list of documents that we can provide you with:

  • Standard Employment Contract Form
  • Executive Employment Contract Form
  • Application for Employment
  • Employee Handbook
  • Request for Employment reference
  • Employee Non Compete Agreement
  • Employee Non Disclosure Agreement
  • Employee Confidentiality Agreement
  • Request For Leave of Absence
  • Employee Evaluation and Self Evaluation
  • Employee Termination Notice
  • Employee Seperation Agreement
  • Employee Warning Notice
  • Employee Disciplinary notice
  • Vacation and Holiday forms
  • Health and Safety documents
  • maternity leave forms
  • redundancy
  • Travel Claim forms
  • grievance documents
  • payroll management forms
  • record keeping documents
  • consultancy agreements
  • and more...


The important documents a company needs follow exactly with the lifecycle of an employee joining a company. From the onset of employment application form, to employment form, carried through with numerous forms and documents throughout the employment such as employee evaluation forms, to the end employees departure which sometimes ends with a termination letter. A company needs to be well equiped regardless of what size it is to handle every situation in accordance with government employment regulations, and at the same time safegaurding the company against potential liability.

Without a proper set of HR documents, a company leaves itself open to legal liability that can disrupt operations well beyond any single employee.

Save your company time and in the long run money, by getting professional documents created by our team specific for you.


Popular HR Documents
$199 from
Employment Contract

standard employment contract which is fully compliant and sutable for most staff.

$349 from
Staff Handbook

Comprehensive handbook for the organisation, which is clear and can be easily updated by you.

$279 from
Employee Non-Disclosure

Confidentiality is one of the most important issues for many companies today, make sure your company is protected.

What you don't know

Most companies that create their own documents have very weak legal footing, and in many cases their documents merit will not hold up in any dispute.

Julie M. - HR Manager

Our company recently had a legal case in which our employee termination was challenged and upheld, thanks to the detailed technical terms that were included in our employee contract and provided just cause.

Mathew F. - HR Director

We have a large IT company with a great deal of IP knowledge that gets shown to employees on all levels. readyhrdocs provided us with a clear confidentiality agreement that our employees were easily able to understand the importance of and has been used with all new hires now.